Teddy's USE Colonel Application



Age (14+): 15
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:443613719
Timezone: GMT+1
Working microphone (YES/NO): Yes, I do.


What is your current rank?:

What regiment are you applying for?: USE


Why are you interested in becoming a Colonel?:

I am interested in being the COL of the Unites States Marines as i have always loved engineering regiments, from the tank driving and combat to the repair and logistics RP i just cant get enough of engineering regiments. I also believe that i can GREATLY help the USE in becoming a brilliant regiment due to my dedication which is shown by the fact that i have already been posting things such as a roster, tank formations and MANY of them, this was all for the USE's gain, not my own. I also have lots of experience with leading an engineering regiment, this is shown by the fact that i have in the past been a Colonel of the KPMI, otherwise known as the Korean People's Mechanised Infantry which specialised in you guessed it, logistics armoured vehicles and vehicle maintenance. I was gifted the position when i was a Lt Col of the KPMI by a general of the KPA which proves that i am worthy of this position.

What makes you stand out from other applicants?:

I believe my past experience in leading an engineering regiment and plenty of other occasions showing my leading capabilities proves that i stand out from other applicants. This experience in leading will ensure that if i am gifted the position of Col of the USE i will be able to get the USE in tip-top shape with lots of active members and of which are capable of following orders, skilled in the armed vehicle department and can be independent if needed to be. I also do have experience in leading the US Army as a US Army Colonel, this shows that not only am i experienced in the armoured vehicle, logistics and maintenance field, but also leading ground troops!

Do you have any previous experience as a CO?:

I indeed do have past experience as a Commanding Officer, and plenty of it! 2 of the regiments that i have led are: KPMI (Korean People's Mechanised Infantry) and the US Army. This past experience as a Commanding Officer will allow me to take control of the Unites States Engineers with ease and ensure that i am trusted with the decisions that i choose to make and that my troops know that they can come to me for help without feeling as though they are going to be belittled or anything of the sort. This will allow me to ensure all my troops are up to date with all the latest requirements and ensure they follow all of them to a T.


What can you offer your regiment as a Colonel?:

As a Colonel of the USE i can promise activity from both myself and the regiment meaning that i can provide steady training's to make sure that everyone has all of the things that are required fresh in my troops mind using these training's. I can also offer help to anyone that requires it so no one is left behind. I can also provide promotions to the troops that are performing well and this will make the ones getting the promotions to keep doing so and push others so they get that reward also.

What kind of trainings/services will you provide your regiment?:

-Formation Training. I will be able to provide Tank Formation training using the Tank Formation thread i have created for the USE already so that they are up to date with them when they get to the rank that is required to know them. This will increase efficiency of the USE as using formations makes everything easier.

-Logistics. This will increase immersion within the base as it makes the USE and others think we are actually in a base that requires resupply rather than a food, water and vehicle factory on water.

-Repair/Maintenance Training- This will allow my troops to repair and maintain vehicles that need to be maintained so they always have something to do when they are not in the field in a tank.

-Competitions- This will keep our troops entertained and also will allow others to strive to win these competitions to they get the reward at the end.

How would you handle a mingey/under-performing player in your regiment?:

I would inform them that they are either minging or under-performing and do either more discilplin trainings with the USE or general basic training with the whole regiment to ensure that the person that is either miss behaving or under-performing can improve. If they continue to miss behave punishments will be handed out.

Have you read the MRP Rulebook and agree to follow each and every rule?:

Indeed i have and yes i will.


List any/all punishments you have received on Gorilla Gaming:

List any previous positions you have been in (above the rank of WO or equal): USE 2Lt, USN DEVGRU CWO2, SRR 2Lt, US Army Colonel, KPMI Colonel