Teddy's Staff Application


Gorilla Gaming Staff Application:

Age (14+):
Working microphone (YES/NO):


Why are you interested in joining the Gorilla Gaming Staff Team?:

I would LOVE to be apart of the Gorilla Gaming staff team as i have always loved being staff, from the first time i was staff on another server to up until quite recently leaving staff on that server i have always loved being a staff member. I would like to be staff on Gorilla Gaming specifically as i love the direction the server is currently going and i am having a great time on it so far and wish to assist the server as it grows into a larger community. I believe my past experience in management ( Event manager on jorim's server will allow me to solve problems quickly and also make sure the experience people get from playing on the server is enjoyable in every way.

What makes you stand out from other applicants?:

I believe my past experience in management as an Event Manager on Jorim's server will allow me to take control of situations that may not be going my way, for example people in a sit that will not stop arguing, convincing people that what they have done is wrong etc. I have also got past experience of actual staffing as an Operative ( Just below super administrator ) this will allow me to do my job efficiently and without fail.

Do you have any previous Staff experience?:

I indeed to have past experience in staff and plenty of it! I used to be an Operative (Just Below Super Admin) on an old SCP server on which i was favoured by the community and was trusted by the hierarchy. This allowed me to deal with sits easily as people trusted me with the decisions i made and was good at reasoning with people.


Explain the following terms in as much detail as you can:

  • RDM: RDM or otherwise known as Random Death Match is when a player engages another without a IC reason. An example of this is:
USMC Pvt Thomas is walking to the air strip for transport, he is jokingly called smelly by a member of the flight crew and kills him for it.

  • RDA: RDA otherwise known as Random Arrest is when a player arrest another without a IC reason. An example of this is:
USMC 2LT David is walking around base when he sees a USMC Pvt AFK in bunks, he arrests him for 'being lazy'.
  • NLR: NLR is the rule that states that after death you must not return to the place of which you died in a certain amount of time. An example of someone breaking NLR is:
USMC Recon Pvt Jakob is in the field and sees a sniper and is then killed. He then says in comms 'SNIPER AT CT CS!'
  • Fear RP: Fear RP states if you are out numbered you must fear for your life, an example of this being broken is:
USMC Sgt Daniel is scouting CT and is ambushed by Japanese forces, he takes out his pistol and starts to engage.
  • FailRP: Fail RP is when a player does something that they would not do in real life. An example of this is:
Naval Cpl Davis is going to DB, he is running late and begins to bunny hop.
  • Metagaming: Metagaming is when a player used OOC information for their advantage IC. An example of this is:
USMC Recon Sgt Frank types in OOC Who ever is in CS good shot! USMC Pvt Henry then uses this to inform everyone on a sniper in CS.

How would you deal with a player Mass RDMing?: I would first jail and freeze him to ensure the killing stops and ban indefinitely him for Mass RDM.

How would you deal with a player BunnyHopping?: I would tp to him and give him a verbal warning as it is not a major offence and if he continues i would warn them for Fail RP.

Do you agree that your administrative duties take priority over RP?:
Yes i do.

Have you read the MRP Rulebook and agree to enforce every rule appropriately?:


List any/all punishments you have received on Gorilla Gaming:

Are you currently Staff/holding a position of power on any other GMod communities?:
(If YES please list the community name and position you hold)