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Name: Lucas/Charls/nyanbread
Age (14+):16
Timezone: +1 GMT
Working microphone (YES/NO): Yes


Why are you interested in joining the Gorilla Gaming Staff Team?: there are definitely not enough staff and I’m pissed at it so I would like to help out for a while with the missing staff situation until there is more so helpful and I also want to do more than just walk around and look at stuff until a staff member is on and I just want to help the server out for a week or 2 until there are more playing and there are more staff because I know I'm not gonna stay for to long

What makes you stand out from other applicants?: I like to help and i want the server so start up good and there is more that is joining but he lack off staff is stopping that from happening

Do you have any previous staff experience?: I have been staff on mesa and a lot of other MRP servers


Explain the following terms in as much detail as you can:
  • RDM:If you kill someone without a valid reason: For example your fellow soldier that you just begin to shoot, this is against the golden rules and is classified as RDM. (RDM is when you kill a fellow soldier or kill a CEAA/NATO without a reason for they just haven't gotten PTE from a higher ranking)

  • RDA:If you arrest someone for no reason: Someone who’s just walking or not doing anything wrong. (RDA is where you just see someone you just walk up to and you arrest him)

  • NLR:New life rule. You can not go back to where you died before for 3 minutes and you can not kill anyone who killed you with the reason ‘revenge’.(a man walks out of the base after he was killed 1 min ago) but it is different if it is a person with a tactical insert then the time is moved down to 1 MIN

  • FearRP:Makes you cautious of your character’s actions and scared for his/her life, if 3 enemies surround you (3:1 ratio), you have followed their orders. (you are in a situation where its you against 4 CEAA you try and kill them and that is FearRP)

  • FailRP: Failing to act like you are in the military, or doing something you wouldn’t be able to do IRL.(if you just break any of these rules or do something you wouldn't do in real life)

  • Metagaming: Using the information you got from TS or from OOC on the server in your advantage. (you are in the base then you see in chat that there is someone that have been taken a hostage that haven't responded but writs something in chat)

How would you deal with a player Mass RDMing?:
Stop them frize them so I can speak tel them what they did wrong and warn them or ban depends on how many and what they have on record

How would you deal with a player BunnyHopping?:
The player would get an explanation on why you don’t bunny-hop in real life and let it sink in that it’s not normal for a human to just infinitely

Do you agree that your administrative duties take priority over RP?:
yes without a staff RP can stop thanks to someone that is not following orders or Mass RDMing so I need to put staff over fun

Have you read the MRP Rulebook and agree to enforce every rule appropriately?: yes i have read it and i agree to them


List any/all punishments you have received on Gorilla Gaming: non

Are you currently Staff/holding a position of power on any other GMod communities?:
(If YES please list the community name and position you hold)
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