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1. General Rules

Do NOT shoot a friendly soldier under any circumstances.
1.2 Do NOT RDM (Random Deathmatch), this is the act of killing another player without a valid reason.
1.2.1 Do NOT CDM (Car Deathmatch), the act of killing another player with a vehicle.​
1.3 Do NOT break NLR (New Life Rule).
1.3.1 The NLR timer is 3 minutes, so you cannot return to your area of death until this timer is up.​
1.3.2 You CANNOT use information from previous lives.​
1.4 Do NOT FailRP, this is performing actions your character would not in RP (bunnyhopping, sitting on player's heads etc.)
1.5 Do NOT metagame (use OOC information/information you wouldn't know in RP).
1.6 Do NOT powergame. This means using /me commands to unfairly influence an RP situation.
1.7 Do NOT abuse your rank, you have been given it out of faith and can easily be stripped of it.
1.7.1 This includes giving random/invalid demotions​
1.7.2 This also includes giving promotions for personal favours​
1.8 Do NOT use hacks of any kind as it will result in an immediate and permanent ban
1.9 Do NOT abuse bugs. For example, walking under the map and shooting the enemies. This will result in a lengthy ban from the server
1.10 A staff member's decision is final. If you have an issue with staff, report it on the forums.
1.10.1 If in any case you believe the staff member is in the wrong, you have to prove with evidence this is so, if you slate the staff member without proof of them breaking a rule or abusing their rank, you will be punished.​
1.11 Do NOT troll/minge or seek to irritate other players.
1.12 Do NOT converse in languages other than English while in game.
1.13 Being offensive to staff or players may result in a punishment depending on severity.
1.14 Do NOT advertise, suggest, or reference content which is not associated with Gorilla Gaming or server lore.
1.15 Any names that a staff member deems to be unfit will be told to change. If the user refuses, they will be punished.
1.16 Putting links in the OOC without permission is against the rules, the only links allowed without permission are links to our forums.
1.17 Mild racism is allowed in the context of RP. Outside of RP it is completely prohibited, and will result in punishment.

2. Roleplaying Rules

Always salute ranks of ‘Commissioned Officer’ and above.
2.1.1 Always salute General+ or equal, failing to do so can be seen as disrespectful and you could be jailed for it.​
2.2 Always respect and obey a higher ranking officer - you may only challenge orders if you feel it detrimental to the regiment or mission.
2.3 You must ask permission before leaving base.Do this using the command: “/us PTL + [AMOUNT] [REASON]”
2.3.1 If there are no officers present on the server, then the highest rank will be able to Grant/Deny PTLs.​
2.4 Restricted areas are only accessible with a higher ranking officer present.
2.5 Do NOT arrest someone without a viable reason. This is considered RDA (Random Arrest) and is a warnable offence.
2.6 Do NOT lead trainees outside of their territory unless you are going to train them.
2.7 Running along the tops of fences/walls qualifies as FailRP.
2.8 Do NOT block doorways or passages which may interfere with the flow of people.
2.9 In an interrogation, the use of /roll is determined by the prisoner. If they wish, they can just reveal all the information they know without using /roll.
2.9.1 Lies as a consequence of winning a roll MUST be believable and realistic.Otherwise the interrogator may contest it and roll again.​
2.10 Do NOT break from your cuffs, if you break your cuffs, this will be noted as FailRP.
2.11 You should address officers by their rank or by the term “sir”. Anyone below Officer Ranks are to be addressed by their rank or name.
2.12 Do NOT follow orders which compromise the server rules.
2.13 Tryouts are OOC if inside the bases. If seen outside, they are subject to the same rules as any patrol and may be shot by the enemy faction depending on ROE.
2.13.1 This does NOT apply to USN/Japanese pilot tryouts.​
2.14 FearRP - You MUST surrender to the enemy if:
2.14.1 They outnumber you 3:1 or more.​
2.14.2 They strip you behind your back without being spotted or noticed.​
2.15 FearRP - You may oppose/run away if the enemy:
2.156.1 Surrounds you without having a 3:1 ratio or higher.​
2.15.2 Demands your surrender without weapons off safety.​
2.16 When a member of your faction is being captured or has been captured, you may only engage the enemy nearby if there is only ONE of them performing the capture/aiming at the prisoner.
2.16.1 If multiple enemies are within the immediate area of it taking place, then you must attempt to retrieve the Prisoner of War through alternative measures​
2.17 All prisoners/POW/Hostage exchanges MUST be done with something of actual value to the faction, be it another prisoner, access to a restricted area etc.
2.18 Erotic Roleplay (ERP) is strictly prohibited.

3. Regimental Rules

Upon joining a regiment, you must wait 3 days before doing another tryout.
3.1.1 You cannot join the regiment you had just left until 7 days has passed.​
3.1.2 You may receive a warning from staff for ‘Regiment-Hopping’ and if you do this too much, you may receive further punishment (i.e. permanent blacklists).​
3.2 You can only be in one regiment at a time, this does not apply with V.I.P jobs.
3.2.1 All VIP jobs equal a rank of SGT regardless of your normal rank.​
3.3 Regimental disrespect is a warnable offence.
3.4 If you go inactive as a CO, you may be demoted with warning by a General or higher staff.
3.5 If a Colonel is on an Inactivity or there is no current Commander, a General or Community manager may set in to run the regiment.

4. VIP Related Rules

You may be stripped of your VIP packages if you abuse them. You will be given 3 warnings before a package is removed.
4.2 Grappling Hook users are subject to the following rules:
4.2.1 Do not slingshot (Manipulating the grappling hook to sling into the air).​
4.2.2 Do not grapple other people.​

5. Base Raiding Rules

There is only 1 life during a base attack for the attacking side. This means that once you die, you can no longer participate in the base attack.
5.1.1 If you are the defending side, you must wait 3 minutes before entering the conflict in your own base again.​
5.1.2 As the defending side, you have unlimited lives.​
5.2 Do NOT kill or even attempt to attack anyone in their barracks (spawn rooms). Barracks are off limits within a base raid. Killing in the barracks is considered RDM.
5.3 There are no base raids allowed during war, if you attack a base during war, you will be punished.
5.4 Do NOT Kill recruits nor their trainers during a raid, as they cannot take part, if a trainer does take part during a raid, they will be punished.
5.4.1 Inversely, any trainer and trainees should remain without any weapons equipped and must remain in their allotted training areas.​
5.5 You cannot raid just for the kills, you must have a valid reason to base attack.
5.6 Base Raids can only be called by a Colonel or above.
5.7 Base attacks have a cooldown timer of 1 hour.This timer starts once the last attacker is killed or the base attack is called off by the CO.
5.8 Both sides are to do a Debrief to reward those who did well or to instruct their side on how they could have done better (or both).
5.9 Killing any enemy in their base is considered a BA, regardless of intent.
5.9.1 You may infiltrate the enemy base without killing anyone, and it will not class as a BA.​
5.10 You cannot BA for longer than 30 minutes.
5.11 You cannot BA alone, regardless of permissions.
5.12 You do not have to advert base attacks. A staff member may inform you if a BA is over, but you must find out about the BA in RP.

6. Vehicle Rules

Land Vehicles:
6.1.1 A SGT+ must be present for a vehicle to be authorized.​
6.1.2 Vehicles must be tailored to the amount of people being transported. (Don’t get a transport truck for only 2 people etc.)​
6.1.3 Job specific vehicles must, as expected, be used solely by their intended job. (Tanks/APCs only operated by Tank Operators etc.).​
6.2 Aircraft/Helicopters:
6.2.1 Aircraft have a spawn cooldown like all other vehicles. Aircraft Spawn Cooldown begins once a pilot has lost or crashed their helicopter.​
6.2.2 US have a helicopter limit of 2 at a time. Anymore than 2 and the latest spawned helicopter will be removed. (1 Transport & 1 armed heli at any 1 time)​
6.2.3 Aircraft must only be spawned in their correct areas (helipads or AF)
6.2.4 Aircraft must wait 2 minutes before heading back to fight after resupplying/repairing.​
6.2.5 Aircraft must be tailored to the amount of people being transported. (Don’t get a chinook for transporting only 3 people etc.)​
6.2.6 The only people eligible to fly helicopters are pilots in their pilot job.​ USN Lt Colonel+ may fly helicopters without being the pilot job. (Air Force Lt Colonel+ may fly helicopters of their choice without the requirement of rule 6.2.5)​

7. Job Ranking Rules

Only WO+ or equal can host tryouts for the regiment there in, without supervision.
7.1.1 Enlisted may host tryouts if supervised by a 2LT+.​
7.1.2 When recruiting a new person into your regiment, you are not allowed to give them anything higher than the E-2 (the 2nd enlisted rank).​
7.1.3 Each person you recruit into your regiment must pass some sort of tryout.​
7.1.4 If deemed necessary, management may prevent a regiment from doing tryouts.​
7.1.5 Rank transfers above E-2 must be approved by a General and Community/Server manager.​
7.2 WO+ or equal can promote up to two ranks below their own rank.
7.2.1 Only 2LT+ or equal may accept/pend/deny an application for WO or equal.​
7.2.2 Only Major+ may accept/pend/deny an application for 2LT or equal.​
7.2.3 Only Colonel+ or equal may accept/pend/deny an application for Lieutenant Colonel or equal.​
7.2.4 Applications must be up for 3 days before a verdict is given.​
7.3 Colonel+ should ensure that there is an up-to-date roster for their regiment, when/if you step down or leave, the roster must either be passed onto the next person taking charge or a General
7.4 When resigning from your post as a LtColonel+, you must give 3 days notice and ensure that the regiment is stable. You cannot ditch a regiment if it does not have other commanders. If you do this, you will be blacklisted permanently from this regiment and may receive a ban.
7.5 In MP, WO+ or equal may change the code of the base, non-MP can only change the code of the base if they are a 1LT+.
7.5.1 Changing the code of the base is only to be done in the case the base is in possible danger or is under attack.
7.5.2 You cannot leave the base during Code Red without Colonel+ permissions
7.6 Generals may only leave the base if they have at least one other person with them, as a General, you are not to leave the base on your own, this is unrealistic.
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