Drummers USMC Colonel Application


Gorilla Gaming Colonel Application:



Age (14+): 17



Working microphone (YES/NO): Yes


What is your current rank?:

What regiment are you applying for?:


Why are you interested in becoming a Colonel?:
Back when Mesa gaming was open I was the Colonel of the USMC three times throughout two years. Because of this I massively enjoy the regiment and believe that it has a lot to offer to new players. I hope that because of this I will be able to bring this server and the regiment to life and for fill the role as colonel of the USMC. I believe that I can bring a lot to the USMC and make the new players on the server very interested in joining and becoming a part of the community whilst working up the ranks within this regiment or another.

What makes you stand out from other applicants?:
Because I have been the colonel of the USMC three times in the past I have a lot of experience with leading the regiment and also leading other NATO troops as well. Within my time with the USMC I have also reached the ranks of Brigadier General of the USMC and Major General of NATO. This shows that I have a lot of previous experience with leading regiments and that I am willing to put the work and effort into ensure that the regiment is as successful as possible.

Do you have any previous experience as a CO?:
I have a lot of experience as an officer in many different regiments but I have mainly been in command of the USMC in my past experience. I have worked my way through each rank from PVT to Major general within the USMC alone.


What can you offer your regiment as a Colonel?:
As the server is initially starting out I will be on every day to ensure an active player base. Because of this I will also be encouraging my troops within the regiment and other regiments to be active. It is important to me that I not only look after the USMC but the other regiments that may not have active CO's currently. As a Colonel I can offer a fair leadership team and a mature, sensible and yet fun environment. I am well known to be very serious but I also ensure that when the time is right, I am absolutely willing to loosen up and have a laugh with the fellow people within my regiment.

What kind of trainings/services will you provide your regiment?:
I will provide all sorts of trainings. Initially these trainings will be conducted by myself but once I gain a few officers within the regiments these responsibilities will be passed down to the lower officers in the regiment. I will provide trainings such as breaching trainings, covering all the basics and for the higher ranks going into more detail on tactics. I will also do formation training and advanced phrases training to prepare them for the high ranks. I may consider offering an officer training for the highest ranks in the enlisted to prepare them for becoming an officer.

How would you handle a mingey/under-performing player in your regiment?:
Firstly I would give them a verbal warning as I believe that everyone deserves a second chance. From there I would get myself and the other officers in NATO to monitor their behaviour, depending on how they perform after the warning will depend on the actions that I take next. If they continue to mess around and cause problems then I will speak to them again and explain what will happen if the continue. Lower ranks will not be punished as harshly but if a high ranking enlisted were to be causing problems, they would most likely get a demotion. Although if an officer was to be causing problems then this would be much more serious and I would have to look into this much further, whilst possibly having a meeting with the generals.

Have you read the MRP Rulebook and agree to follow each and every rule?:
Yes I have.


List any/all punishments you have received on Gorilla Gaming:

List any previous positions you have been in (above the rank of WO or equal):
WO all the way to Major General of the USMC. [x2]


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